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Neuropathy Rebuilder Treatments For Neuropathy Relief

Are you one of the many sufferers of neuropathic pain? Statistics show that millions of people are suffering from chronic pain due to neuropathy. There are many treatment options for obtaining pain relief that includes medication, physical therapy and even surgery for serious conditions. One of the more conventional treatments for neuropathic conditions is physical therapy. The treatment approach includes using electrical stimulation of the nerves to reduce the pain signals and one of the most popular nerve stimulation therapies is the use of the neuropathy rebuilder.

What is Neuropathy

There are several causes for neuropathy where the nerves connecting to the brain, spinal cord and body parts are damaged or diseased. It may be brought about by poor nutrition, herniated disc, vitamin deficiency, diabetes, trauma, medication, cancer and other underlying medical conditions and hereditary diseases. The most common symptoms experienced with neuropathic conditions include pain, tingling sensation, numbness and loss of sensation.

Neuropathy rebuilder can help relieve neuropathic symptoms

The neuropathy rebuilder is a form of transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulator (TENS) that sends gentle electrical impulses that mimic the healthy nerve signal. The electrical flow will open the nerve paths that will help re-educate the nerve function. Nueropathic conditions can cause the nerve to become dormant and non-functional and what the neuropathy rebuilder does is to regain the nerve’s integrity and ability to perform its functions. It increases the blood flow through improved circulation thereby giving the nerve some nourishment that facilitates enhanced healing of the weakened or damaged nerves. With a functional and healthy nerve you will be symptom free and can return back in doing your regular activities.

Health Benefits of Neuropathy Rebuilder

Without having to use synthetic medications you can relieve your symptoms of pain, tingling sensation and muscle spasms. The electrical stimulation can reduce the sensations of numbness and sharp, stabbing pain that gets worse over time. It can also stimulate the production of endorphin in the brain that helps in blocking the pain signals. You will continually feel comfortable after obtaining relief subsequent to the application of the neuropathy rebuilder.

Advantages of Neuropathy Rebuilder

The effect of neuropathy rebuilder is to initiate actual healing of the damaged nerves and not merely masking the pain sensation. With a naturally occurring healing process the nerves re-generate that significantly relieve the discomforts of burning sensation, pain and numbness that are constantly experienced. Being a handheld device you can conveniently use them in the comfort of your homes. It can be self operated and easily applied to the painful areas in the back, neck, shoulders, legs, arms and hands. They are cost effective alternative treatment for neuropathic pain which can be done at home. It is a conventional treatment that does not use drugs or surgical procedure with no side effects.