Joint Pain

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What is Supartz

Supartz is a solution of hyaluronate – a natural substance found on the knee joint that serves as a cushion and lubricant. It is a highly purified Sodium Hyaluronate from rooster combs. It is known as visco supplements. Supartz knee injection is used as a natural therapy and injected directly into the knee and believed to relieve pain with long-lasting effect given a prescribed number of shots over a period of three to five weeks. This therapy has been used since 1987. It is a natural treatment and addresses the need for the natural substance called the hyaluronate on the knees which is lacking or reduced for conditions like knee osteoarthritis which causes chronic pain, stiffness, swelling and cracking sound. As supartz knee injection is administered, it replaces the lack of fluid in the knee and provide cushioning and as a result, pain is expected to subside.

How it is administered

Before you can qualify for supartz knee injections, you need to meet certain qualifications that you really require the shots. The pain that you experience must be from osteoarthritis and after diagnosis your physician must ascertain that other therapies like exercise and pain relievers are not adequate to give you relief. Supartz knee injections are given to the patient for a given period of time as determined by the doctor. Typically, the patient receives one shot per week, given on the same day, for the period of three to five weeks. The injection of Supartz is done cautiously and with the aid of the doctor to ensure that administration is done accordingly. After finishing the initial cycle, follow-up checkup is necessary to assess the effectiveness of the treatment. If pain or discomfort persists, another cycle of Supartz knee injections may be given to the patient to alleviate the pain.

Caution and Possible Side-effects

Supartz are taken from rooster combs and those who are allergic to chicken, feathers and eggs are not advised to take the injection with the concern of developing a potential allergic reaction. Other possible side-effects include irritation on the injected knee area, headache and tenderness. The Supartz knee injections should be administered by a qualified doctor. After receiving the shots, you are advised to avoid activities that might cause pressure to the knees for the following days.

Patients have felt relief after using Supartz knee injections for osteoarthritis in varying degrees. Some experienced relief from chronic pain symptoms after the first shot, others after the series was completed while a handful of them encountered no relief from knee pain.