Sports Injuries

Sports injury can be a real pain smiley smile. Sports injuries seem to never happen in the off season and always at the most inopportune times. After experiencing a sports injury, it’s important to see a qualified professional to ensure that your body can heal properly after an injury, whether you are a professional athlete or an occasional athlete. Our team of medical doctors, physician assistants and physical therapists are here to help you get back to playing again whether you are a week-end warrior or a professional.

Sports injuries are very common in all active people.

Injuries can occur after simply not warming up beforehand, going too fast, too quickly, or by not being in the proper condition for the activity. Remember if you are just getting back to an activity after months or years off…take it slow. Many athletes will experience pain after participating in a sport activity in some point of their lives. Proper sports injury treatment serves to reduce pain and improve overall health. Physical therapy, cold laser, trigger point injections, soft tissue mobilization, stretching and exercise programs, and many other treatments that we have to offer focus on all causes of a sports injury. 

Advance Spine and Joint’s extensive background with sports injury treatment in Fort Worth can benefit anyone that is suffering from a sports injury.

What we treat.

Injuries treated here are sprain/strains of the arm, shoulder, knee, neck, low back, wrists and ankles. We also treat tendonitis, bursitis, pain and swelling of a sports injury.

For patients seeking sports injury treatment in Fort Worth TX , Advanced Spine and Joint offers many solutions. Contact us directly at 817-232-9115 for more information.